REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE E-learning user survey | July 2018




REAL Alternatives




E-learning user survey| July 2018




What do you think of the e-learning? Tell us how you are using the e-learning, how you rate its content and make suggestions for how it could be improved.  




Have you tried the new updated e-learning?




English and Spanish have been updated in line with EN378:2016 and other industry changes, with more language updates coming soon.  New videos demonstrating training on flammable and carbon dioxide systems are being integrated into the e-learning in the coming months. If you havent used the e-learning recently why not revisit it -  re-register or sign in here





Extra booklets to download in 10 languages


The booklets to support the e-learning have been translated into Czech, German, Spanish, French, Slovakian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Croatian, Finish, Turkish and Russian with additional languages being added in the coming months.  A new booklet on Safety and Risk Assessment for flammable, toxic and high pressure low GWP refrigerants has been added. Download at



About the project...


Industry groups are joining together to help provide information on the safe use of alternatives such as ammonia, hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide and low flammables though the REAL Alternatives learning programme.    Resources developed as part of the project offer innovative blended learning - a mix of e-learning, face-to-face training materials, practical exercises, assessments and an e-library of learning resources.

The free multi-lingual learning materials are available for individual development or use as classroom training materials. They include e-learning content, electronic tools, a comprehensive library gathered from existing resources.  The e-library contains over 100 useful industry resources.

The project is co-funded by the EU LIFE Programme for environmental initiatives.









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