2020 World Refrigeration Day Theme “Cold Chain for Life”

29 Mayıs 2020

The theme of this year's World Refrigeration Day, which was celebrated for the first time last year, is “Cold Chain for Life” (Cold Chain 4 Life).
This year on World Refrigeration Day, professional organizations, commercial organizations, institutes will hold important events that will emphasize the vital importance of the cold chain for global health and well-being.
The theme of this year is due to the unprecedented global response to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, the mission of refrigeration specialists in the preservation of vital foods and medicines.
After last year's World refrigeration Day, the International refrigeration Institute (IIR) urged to consider ways to emphasize the impact of cold chain and refrigeration worldwide on national markets and global development.
The organization said, “As the only independent intergovernmental organization in the field of refrigeration, IIR will, together with our partners, create a directory of all the different activities to be organized around the world and promote it on a global scale. This directory will also be supported by groups such as EPEE, ASHRAE and the UN Environment Program under the 'Cold Chain for Life' title. Organizations wishing to participate in the campaign are asked to send an explanation of their planned activities to iif-iir@iifiir.org along with their location, date and contact information. ”
The International Refrigeration Institute (IIF / IIR) has published the 6th General Refrigeration and Food Grade-the Role of Nutrition in the World (2020). For more than a year, food products that need to benefit from refrigeration amount to 1,661 million tons (after various agricultural and post harvest losses are deducted). However, only 47% of this tonnage can be cooled, indicating losses corresponding to 13% of food production. These losses are higher, especially in developing countries. This 475 million tons of lost food can be earned through refrigeration and theoretically it can feed 950 million people a year. This figure should be evaluated by considering the fact that 821 million people were malnourished in 2018 and the world population will still grow by 250 by 2050. In our country, the losses in the area of ​​fresh vegetables and fruits are accepted as 25%.
These figures were obtained by IIR from the latest FAO data on the basis of a model that assesses food losses for each category of perishable food products and for each stage of the food supply chain. This Information Note aims to demonstrate the key role that cold chains can play in improving global food security.
Darryl K. Boyce, head of ASHRAE 2019-2020, said the focus of this study is to expand the refrigeration technology and applications, and the association's refrigeration website will be aligned with the World refrigeration Day campaign.
ASHRAE’s Chairman of the refrigeration Committee, Rajan Rajendran, said that refrigeration and cold chain is a growing industry worldwide and a good focus for this year's event.
Focusing on “Environmentally Friendly refrigeration” as a focus of its activities, SOSİAD will support World refrigeration Day with various activities this year as it was last year. In the statement made by the SOSİAD Board of Directors regarding the COVID-19 process; The pandemic process gives to the world; It was emphasized that there are two important messages such as stopping the ecological destruction and improving the health infrastructure, and it will be necessary to add the improvement of the storage and logistics infrastructure. The statement also included messages such as environmental sensitivity, energy efficiency, preferring natural fluids, and targeting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in addition to the food crisis resulting from the decrease in production.